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I’m Raveled!

Got my invitation to Ravelry tonight and there went the evening. Been wallowing around over there and it’s looking grand. Lots of the known goddesses of knitting over there (and Gods too) and I think I am dehydrated from all the drooling I’ve been doing. I now have an embarassingly huge queue of projects I want to do and I haven’t even been through all the patterns (something like 64k of ’em).

The site is going to be a major boon and success, that is obvious. The system they have set up is easy to use, ties in with Flickr and will make a lovely place to “journal” all my work. I think they have done a splendid job and they’re not even done yet. 🙂

Took some more pictures with the “good” camera so that I could attach them to my WIPs over there (the Airy for Oma and the scarf that is going to make me crazy even though it’s so simple). I’m chicken to start looking at the yarns because I’ll cave in and buy. I just know it. And this month is not a good month to be buying any more yarn or knitting related stuff. I’ve plenty, anything else would just be greed.

I hate bein’ rational.

Ravelry is a great resource. I’m thrilled to be in there and looking forward to what comes from being there. All those real knitters!

Knitting and I

Err, me.

Been knitting for about a year now. I enjoy it greatly. Even when I hate it. I’ve been thinking about it a lot as time goes past. What do I want to do with my knitting? Do I want to be a sweater maker? Churn out lace? Do complex patterns? Design?

I’m not sure. Worse, I’m conflicted. I see works all over the ‘Net by folks who completely blow me away with their talent. In all cases I appreciate the work but in a strangely large percentage, I don’t care for it. I’ve been trying to pinpoint why. Is it a subconscious thing where I decide I don’t like it because I don’t think I could ever do it and am, therefore, jealous? That might be part of it but then, it is really a matter of two stitches done in different orders and ways. I suppose that I could. If I wanted to and usually, I don’t.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m an old fart and prefer…”classic”. Or stodgy. Or anything that is definitely “not hip” (for example, I just don’t “get” some of the amazingly clever and talented stuff I see on, say, Craftster. ). Me? I love a beautifully executed scarf. Or a simple, classic sweater (although I do admit that Aran sweaters cause me to get all tingly but then, I’d call them “classic”.). An afghan one can burrow into for years? That’s my idea of “worthy”.

I was saying that I didn’t like anything that wasn’t “useful” but I realised that’s so subjective that it just doesn’t cover what I feel. To me a lacey scarf or shawl is about as “useless” as it gets and that is ONLY because of how I live and who I am. Lace and I are not acquainted nor will we likely ever be. It’s just not “me”.  When I see things like this from the Yarn Harlot I absolutely think it’s gorgeous. But not something I would ever, ever use. If I took the time to make that it’d sit, carefully wrapped, somewhere forever or until I found someone else who would use it and I don’t know of anyone else who would. To me a shawl should be something to keep you warm on a winter’s evening whilst…knitting! Or to toss on when you run out to the mailbox or to let the dog out. Not something so gossamery (probably not a word, but meh) or lovely that I’d have to have hysterics if someone even came near me whilst wearing it.

I’m a simple person who can admire (deeply) the works of those for whom the delicacy and beauty of intricate patterns, yarns and designs is a goal. But for what I want in my life, coming from my needles? Sturdy, down-to-earth, practical.

And I can always see the beauty others create whilst I am snug in my stodgy, practical stuff. 🙂

Knit on, folks, there’s beauty in all of it!

Sometimes I just want to knit and not have to think about what I’m doing. Works nicely when I want to read or surf the ‘Net. Usually works out just fine…a scarf or a pair of booties or a hat etc.

I had seen Yarn Harlot’s One Row Scarf (gorgeous yarn she had) and wanted one. So I got my Twilley’s Freedom Spirit and cast on. This was the scarf I set on fire. So I’ve started over. And I keep messing it up. How in the hell does one mess up K2, Kthruback, purl 1 repeat?

I manage. I’ve had to tink several times since starting over. It’s embarassing! I was getting angry until I saw the humour. I don’t think this scarf wants to be knit. Is it the yarn? Seems perfectly fine to me. I like it rather well. Needles? John Rivers commuters of which I am inordinately fond (I like short needles). Don’t know. Whatever it is, this simple scarf has become symbolic of my refusal to give up.

I expect that before this is done (and it was almost done before I lit the damn thing on fire) I shall have had several more arguments with it.

Sometimes I wonder what knitting is trying to tell me. I suspect this item is screaming something at me and I’m just too thick to get it. We’ll see.

Bit the bullet and started the Oma Scarf which is actually the “Airy Scarf” from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I went with exactly as recommended in the pattern (e.g. Rowan Kidsilk Haze and 6mm needles, in this case Lantern Moons, more about which later).

It looks like a hamster exploded at this point…

…but I am assured that is normal. Gawd, I hope so. This is a crappy shot, I know but I was too lazy to go downstairs and get the Canon. This is courtesy of GnomeCam (cell phone).

What I’ve learned so far:

1. Lantern Moons whilst lovely, marvelous, a sight to behold, are not the best for this work. Points are too blunt for this fine a yarn. This, of course,  could be rectified by getting a sharper needle but I am not sure where I’d find ’em ’round here. And Addi Turbo lace needles don’t seem to come any larger than 4mm whereas this calls for 6mm. Wah. So I shall soldier on and unless this still looks like an exploded hamster after blocking (of course I’ve no idea how to block lace but hey, that bridge’ll get crossed when I come to it). Then I will be more arsed to find, pointier needles. Enough of the Rowan to, supposedly, do two of these scarves.

2. The Rowan Kidsilk Haze. Ye gods and little fishes. I’m bleedin’ knittin’ with sewing thread here. I am enchanted, though, with this yarn. I sat here tossing a strand up in the air and watching it float down to the desk (yeah, yeah, easily amused). And it feels lovely. My eyeballs are crossed using this stuff (probably and indication that I need a new prescription for my glasses) and I’m doing this mainly by feel. Dangerous since I’m a complete novice here.

3. My instincts are telling me to go down one or two sizes in the needle. Or maybe it’s my “clenched” tendency. I have a strong preference for a firm fabric. Not strangulated, mind you, just firm. So why am I doing lace? Because my Oma is special and deserves it. Still, I may do another 2 of these (they aren’t very time consuming) one of which will be done on a 5mm and one on a 4mm, adjusting for gauge changes. How someone manages to do an entire shawl in lace? I dunno but major kudos to them. I don’t think this is my thing.

Will replace this picture with a better one when I arse myself to get the Canon and will update when fist one is finished.


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